Are you a couple having difficulty interacting and communicating with each other? Feeling repeatedly stuck in old arguments and pain? Are you not feeling understood in your relationship?

This is more common than you may realize.


My couples share wanting:

  • More respectful disagreements

  • More control over their emotions while engaged in conflict

  • More mutual feelings of love and connection in their relationships

My couples share feeling:

  • Unable or unwilling to engage in conflict due to anger or becoming silent

  • Unheard by their partner

  • Disrespected, attacked or defensive

I can help


You can have arguments where you both are expressing your anger, frustration and disappointment appropriately, where both of you still know that you care for each other. Arguments that may not get resolved, but where you both at least understand and have compassion for each other's position.

I can help you resolve gridlock and learn how to argue more productively, while still staying connected. I can show you how to argue with someone you care about.

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Are you feeling disconnected from your friends and family? Like the situation or other people determine who you are and how you behave? Do you yearn for stronger, more meaningful connection with yourself and with others?


I can help


Feeling like you have to be one person at work, another at home and yet another while with friends or family can be exhausting and leave you feeling disconnected from others.

I can help you find ways of accepting, integrating and respecting all facets of who you are, bringing your authentic self to your relationships.                            

I believe

Each of us already has within us the tools we need to live better lives. We all have strengths and weaknesses that make us who we are. These innate characteristics are foundations and beginning places to build better selves. I can help you uncover, accept and embrace all aspects of yourself so you can move forward fully.