Do you find yourself in unproductive arguments that don't go anywhere or never seem to get resolved? The kind that immediately become problematic, leave you feeling frustrated and angry, and just don’t go away?

Maybe you feel so flooded with emotion that you retreat or immediately move into confrontation mode. Perhaps you feel defeated and defensive or defenseless and exposed.


Many times conflict occurs when we are navigating the point where acting as an individual and acting as a member of a couple overlap. I can help you remain an individual while also being in a couple.

We experience conflict quickly, like an instinct. When someone throws something at us, we immediately cover our face with our hands. This happens without thinking. It is only later that we take the time to assess what has happened, when our brains can intellectually make sense of what was thrown at us, why it was thrown at us, what the level of danger really is. But initially, our survival instinct kicks in.


I can help you move from withdrawing, defending and opposing into what I call The 3 C’s of Conflict:

1.   Caring Consideration
2.  Constructive Communication
3.  Connected Collaboration


You can learn how to slow arguments down and see that there are spaces and gaps where changes can be made. Spaces where you decide to do things differently. Where you can allow your brain to catch up with your body, and feel good about how you act and who you are when you disagree.